Restoration and Replica

Restoration Replica

The Guild of the Dome’s project to preserve the North and South Doors of the Baptistery of Saint John involves the financing of two operations: the complete restoration of the original doors, and the production of museum-quality replicas of the doors to be fitted on the Baptistery in place of the originals.

Both works are extremely complex and require sophisticated technology and a remarkable experience. The innovation brought to this restoration and renovation project by the Guild of the Dome mainly consists of the use of an extremely avant-garde technology.

The first restoration project concerned Lorenzo Ghiberti’s North Door, on which restorers from Florence’s Opificio delle Pietre Dure are working with extraordinary dedication. The goal is not only to clean the door, but to prevent further deterioration taking place in the future by using the most modern technologies applied to the art of restoration.

At the same time, the foundry Fonderia Frilli is working to produce museum-quality replicas of the 28 panels, which depict scenes from the Old Testament, the four Evangelists and the four Church Fathers.